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Home is where my Mom is

Daily Prompt: Far from Home

Tell us about the farthest you’ve ever traveled from home.

Photographers, artists, poets: show us DISTANCE.

It feels weird to see today’s daily prompt challenge. It is what I have been thinking in the past few days. Thinking about How far I have travelled from Home. Indeed.They say, Home is where the heart is.

But Home for me is where my mother is. Its been exactly 3 months since I have been away from her and in terms of distance, Google Maps suggests it is roughly around 10,000 km!! I got married 3 months back, and left home.Since then, I have been to so many different places.

Bangalore , my new home with my In-laws and my husband,

Scotland and Switzerland, my dream honeymoon destinations, that I thoroughly enjoyed  and absolutely loved,

UK,  where I stay now.

.. Amazing journey so far..But far far from Home.

Its been a ritual to call my mother twice everyday. Once at 12 pm and again at 4.30 pm.

But that is just not enough.I cannot see her react to the amazing stories I tell her, Cannot read her face when she is upset about something, Cannot see her laugh when I crack some stupid joke. Cannot see her smile when she sees my pictures. Everything just feels incomplete.

I have been away from her, during my studies for 3 years or so. but that was different. Different in a way, that I could be home every other weekend. Now, things have changed. New life, new people around, new responsibilities, new place, new culture.

The distance is more emotional more than anything else,it makes you weak, but you have to take it in your stride . Such is life and I Miss being with her.