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Why a Blog?? A poem and 10 reasons!

Innumerable thoughts cross my mind each minute,each day,

I will pen it down somewhere..To myself, I say,

But days pass and minutes fade.

And till date, not a single note made.

Enough is enough, my conscience says,

To feel better, you must write each day.

With so may thoughts, you have a mind to Unclog

Aha!! I shall write a Blog, I will write a Blog.! 🙂 

With so many changes having taken place in my life in the last few months..

Graduating, Getting married, Moving to a new place, A foreign land, A lot of spare time at hand, New responsibilities,New people, New culture.

With such a beautiful life, I don’t want to mess. I felt it was necessary to channelise my thoughts.

Ill be adding a few more, as of now, my brain cells are whacked up and craving for a COFFEE.

So, here it goes.

My reasons for blogging.

  1. To be in tune with myself.
  2. To understand and organise my feelings.
  3. To have a constructive approach towards life
  4. To rediscover myself.         
  5. To rekindle my love of writing.
  6. To learn something new.
  7. To read other interesting blogs.
  8. To open up to the virtual world.
  9. To handle criticism
  10. To have fun!