Things that I have taught myself


These are the exact emotions I have been feeling in these past few days. I have been trying to understand what it is specifically (of all the numerous issues) that is keeping the grey cells in my brain busy and also greying my hair. It so happens (always) that I feel sad or low, but don’t actually know the reason, or may be I am too occupied to dig deep down and find out the root cause of the problem.

The present phase of my life makes me very happy. A loving husband, a beautiful house. Everything is perfect, except for one, CAREER, which has technically not yet kick started. You see, I have been a bright student, getting top grades throughout. I am kind of habituated to being competitive. I am happy when I see some friend getting promoted, some one getting an award for excellence, some one landing a dream job but unhappy about my present (Jobless) condition. Not that I am jealous. Just that when I reflect on what is my place amongst others, it upsets me. This constant urge to compare myself with others, measure myself according to other’s standards and achievements is lowering my confidence, corroding me  from inside and leaving me very unhappy.I know it is not right , but you know we all don’t always do what is right.

They say “Count your blessing”and believe me I do. And when I do that I feel at peace, satisfied , but then again the same cycle repeats. I feel lost . Not a good feeling.

This has started to worry me since it is happening a bit too often. But now, I have learnt to tackle this situation in a positive way, I have taught a few tips to myself and I am well equipped to handle any kind of negative feeling.  I am sharing these tips with all of you, and hopefully you will find it helpful too.

1. Knowing what is it that actually disturbs you.

First and foremost, You need to be in touch with your innermost feelings. Be sensitive to yourself. Sit down in a quite place, close your eyes, and think about all the probable causes. Pinpoint the one that is the cause of your current despair.

2. Now, that  you know the cause, ANALYSE IT.

You are the best person to judge your situation. You know why a certain situation has arisen and believe me you are the only one who knows the solution. Talk to a few close people, but do not expect any sympathy, who knows someone might give you a helpful advise. Also, talking out loud about your thoughts also helps to see things which you might have missed and it also helps to organise your thoughts in a defined manner.

3. Do not Sympathise with yourself , start working towards solving your problem.

Make a plan with your goal as the last point. Think of the things you need to do to reach your goal. Write it down and be determined to achieve what you have set out to achieve.

4. Do not let any negative influence on you.

Do not let people or other situation distract you or have a negative influence on you. Now you know what or who affects you, just keep that out of your radius.

5. Be Patient.

I believe, everything has an Incubation Period.You have to be patient during this period.Work on yourself.Work on the aspects which needs polishing. Discipline yourself and prepare yourself for the time when your reach your goal.

6. Attitude matters.

Remember that there is not a single person in this world who is not dealing with an issue. Everybody has some or the other problem. Do not concentrate on your problem with a magnifying lens and be a pain in the ass for others. Be calm and patient. Being positive will help the pores of your brain to be more permeable to ideas and useful resources. Visualise your self achieving the goal. Dream of it day and night. Motivate yourself. And always keep smiling, because attitude makes all the difference.

And in the end, when you do achieve your goal, be grateful to people who helped you and supported you. Be  humble and help people who need a direction.

I have learnt that If you truly desire something, you will achieve it. And with the right attitude, you will have a beautiful success story worth sharing with the world.


I am waiting for my success story to unfold and I am sure It will be worth sharing.

Cheers !


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