Oh yes, I mind the gap!

Weekly Writing Challenge: Mind the Gap

Since I am in the UK presently, I cannot help but think of the announcements at all the tube stations about Minding the Gap. Of course, it has no relevance to the topic of discussion, but could not really stop myself from mentioning it.

Coming back to the point, The comment section does have a lot of discussion on Why this topic?

My personal view is that this is a relevant topic being discussed by people who are avid internet/ email users, who communicate with a wide variety of people through blogs, social networking sites, emails etc. So Why not?

Although I checked on the World is too complicated for a single strategy. It depends who I’m writing to. I only agree with the second part of the sentence. The kind of tone or the salutation you use in an email does not make the world any more or less complicated 😛

There is a gap, and you have to mind it. It is that Simple. 

I have more than 200 email addresses stored in my Gmail account, and I have grouped them into different categories, namely Friends, Family, Work and Acquaintances.

The mere fact that I have grouped them into these categories, suggest that I have a distinct place for each one of them in my life as well as Gmail Account. And that reflects in the  mails I write to them.

Etiquettes are nothing but manners, which we are taught right from school. Email etiquettes is just a subdivision.Salutations that one uses should be in sync with the content of the email. If I am corresponding with my Boss, I am sure to write Dear Sir or Respected Sir depending on the kind of work environment in the office. I am sure, I wont write Hey or Hi, even if my Boss is my Buddy out of office. The Boss holds a position, and that needs to be respected.And that is only fair. An email to friends and family, usually has an informal tone, and salutation used will be in accordance to that. I have just completed my education, and looking for a job, I email my resume to a many recruiters each day.I need to maintain a formal tone, I cannot start with Hi Billy, Kindly consider me for this X position. Even the covering letter has to be perfect which has the potential to get me a job. Likewise, when you ask for directions to a stranger on a road, you start with an Excuse me, Can you help me find this place?  You maintain that tone, you need not be taught that, You need not fret about it, You need not get confused. it’s fairly simple.

This behaviour, these manners just trickles down to writing emails. At the end of the day, It is just about being polite and respecting each other. It is as simple as saying Thank you and Welcome.


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